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The Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia - a forum for information, education and debate about intravenous anaesthesia.

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  • 26-27 Nov 2020: SIVA ASM 2020 in Glasgow
  • 25-26 Nov 2021: SIVA ASM 2021 in Brighton

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"Propofol: Murder, Mayhem and Mercy" - a presentation by Prof Steven Shafer, Stanford, USA (SIVA ASM 2017, London)

Call for nominations for Co-opted Staff Grade and Associate Specialist/Specialty Doctor (SAS/SD) Committee Representative.

Dear SIVA Member

The committee of SIVA have decided to co-opt a representative from the SAS/SD group to the committee. On successful appointment the representative would remain co-opted to the committee for 3 years, after which term they will be able to apply for one further term only.

The committee will ask the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to consider received nominations on 28th November 2019. In the event of multiple nominations, individuals will be asked to give a 2 minute presentation to the AGM after which they will be excused from the AGM until the vote (by show of hands) has taken place.

We hereby call for nominations of suitable representatives. Nominations should be sent by email to the Honorary Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), to arrive no later than 1 hour before the start of the AGM.

To be eligible for nomination, an individual should hold a substantive post as a Staff Grade, Associate Specialist, or Specialty Doctor in Anaesthesia, AND be a fully paid-up member of the Society.

Each nomination should have a proposer and a seconder (both of whom should be fully paid-up members of the Society). Contact details (mobile number and email address) for the nominee, proposer and seconder should be included in the email to allow confirmation of consent prior to the AGM.

Dr Helen May
Honorary Secretary of The Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia

New TIVA guidelines

Anaesthesia (AAGBI)

The new joint AAGBI-SIVA guidelines for the safe practice of total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) are now published and available online:

TIVA guidelines (Anaesthesia)

This guideline was developed jointly by SIVA and AAGBI. The authors include Dr A F Nimmo (past SIVA president) and Prof A R Absalom (current SIVA president).