Extended TIVA for Beginners Workshop 2017

Extended TIVA for Beginners Workshop 2017

A workshop for Beginners on Wednesday 29 November 2017 from 10:00 to 12:20 - the first day of SIVA ASM 2017

This workshop starts 1/2 hour earlier than other workshops but finishes at the same time. Delegates are invited to join the SIVA ASM after lunch.

RCoA Revalidation Logo Awarded 2.5 CPD points by RCoA
Sponsor: Mediplus logo
Location: Naim Dangoor Auditorium

JB    Jon Brearley, Swansea
PK    Peter Klepsch, Bristol
HM    Helen May, Gateshead
DM    David Mulvey, Derby

  • Dr Helen May: When and why to use TIVA - an overview of the benefits of TIVA in everyday practice and an enthusiast's view on overcoming commonly perceived obstacles to the use of TIVA.
  • Dr Peter Klepsch: My title is "What issues could I face and how do I solve them". Basically, everything that could go wrong and how to spot it.
  • Dr David Mulvey: The summary for my talk "Which TCI models do I chose use?" is as follows:
    This is the aspect of TIVA that most clinicians find baffling. The aim of this talk is to demystify the science and demonstrate that choice is easy. Only pharmacokinetic geeks like the author are interested in the finer details of these models. However some understanding of what happens "under the bonnet" will aid understanding and simplify choice.
  • Dr Jon Brearley: My title's Practical Aspects of Adult TIVA and covers equipment selection and set-up plus practical advice for safely starting out using TIVA.

Registration (Extended Beginners Workshop followed by SIVA ASM)