TIVA Education Tools

New TIVA guidelines:

TIVA guidelines (Anaesthesia)

This guideline was developed jointly by SIVA and AAGBI. The authors include Dr A F Nimmo and Prof A R Absalom (past SIVA presidents). [This version also contains supporting information not printed in the original article]

RCoA Audit Recipe Book 11 (RCoA quality improvement compendium)

Susan William (SIVA committee) contributed two recipes:

2.7 TIVA/TCI training for anaesthesia and intensive care trainees 2.8 Practical use of total intravenous anaesthesia and target-controlled infusions

The entire recipe book can be accessed from RCoA:

RCoA Recipe Book 11

Trainee handouts (kindly provided by Dr Nigel Huggins, Birmingham)

1) The very basics of Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (PDF) 2) Delivering TIVA safely (PDF) 3) Behind the scenes in TIVA pumps (PDF)

Adult TIVA/TCI Competency Framework for Trainees:

Proposal for a National Competency Framework for teaching TIVA/TCI

Background Reading (requires a BJA subscription or institutional access):

BJA Education in TIVA Part 1: Basic Pharmacokinetics BJA Education in TIVA Part 2: Practical Aspects

NAP5 chapter 18 regarding TIVA

External link (National Audit Projects)