Workshops 2021


Workshops will be held on Thursday morning (25th November 2021), led by a number of anaesthetists experienced in the field of intravenous anaesthesia. These will be from 10:30am until 12:30pm. TIVA for Tots (Workshop 1) is a longer paediatric TIVA seminar on Thursday 25th November 2021 (09:30-12:45) (see here).

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  • Workshops are complimentary, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tiva for Tots has a capacity of 400.
  • If a delegate has cancelled a place may be available, even if no places are shown.

Workshop 2 - TIVA for Novices (10:30-12:30) (25 places left)

Tutors: Drs Susan Williams, Tim Cominos, & Peter Klepsch

What it says on the tin - a workshop for delegates new to TIVA!

Workshop 3 - TIVA for Intermediate Users (10:30-12:30) (0 places left)

Tutors: Drs John Orton, Jon Brearley, & Anup Biswas

This workshop assumes basic understanding and competence at delivering TCI TIVA, in a broad patient population. We aim to give information on factors considered within the three common algorithms used and why we therefore might choose one algorithm over another or a different target in different patient populations. It will touch on use in obese patients but not paediatric.

Workshop 4 - Science for Advanced Users (10:30-12:30) (42 places left)

Tutors: Prof Anthony Absalom & Dr Laura Hannivoort

At this workshop, the attendees will learn (in an interactive way) how PK and PD models are developed, why non-linear mixed effect modelling is used, and which covariates should be used to describe demographics. They will also learn how model interaction models work. We will explain why there is discussion which model should be used for propofol and why there is no discussion for other drugs (e.g. remifentanil).

Workshop 5 - Using pEEG Well (10:30-12:30) (20 places left)

Tutors: Drs Mark Barley & Tom Blanks