Workshops will be held on Wednesday morning (29th November 2017), led by a number of anaesthetists experienced in the field of intravenous anaesthesia. These will be from 10:30am until 12:20pm, preceded by coffee. Please note that the Extended Beginners Workshop starts at 10:00am and has its own website here. TIVA for Tots is an all-day paediatric TIVA workshop on Wednesday 29th November 2017 (see here).

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  • Workshops are complimentary, and available to the first 100 registrants (20 places per workshop).
  • If a delegate has cancelled a place may be available, even if no places are left.
  • One-day registration, with workshop, is available.

Workshop 1 - TIVA for Beginners (10:00-12:20) 1A02, 1D02, 1E06
Sponsor: Mediplus logo
Location: Naim Dangoor Auditorium
This workshop has its own content page.Go to TIVA for Beginners

Workshop 2 - TIVA for those with Experience/Intermediate TIVA (10:30-12:20) 1A02, 1I05, 2B02 (0 places left)
Sponsor: Mediplus logo
Location: Seminar Rooms 1 & 2

Tutors: Dr A Biswas and Dr N Huggins

This workshop assumes basic understanding and competence at delivering TCI TIVA, in a broad patient population. We aim to give information on factors considered within the three common algorithms used and why we therefore might choose one algorithm over another or a different target in different patient populations. It will touch on use in obese patients but not paediatric.

Workshop 3 - Advanced Pharmacokinetics & TIVA Techniques (10:30-12:20) 1A02, 3J00, 3J03 (2 places left)
Sponsor: BD logo
Location: Seminar Room 3

Tutors: Prof S Shafer and Prof M Struys

At this workshop, the attendees will learn (in an interactive way) how PK and PD models are developed, why non-linear mixed effect modelling is used, and which covariates should be used to describe demographics. They will also learn how model interaction models work. We will explain why there is discussion which model should be used for propofol and why there is no discussion for other drugs (e.g. remifentanil).

Workshop 4 - Measuring Depth of Anaesthesia During TIVA (10:30-12:20) 1A03, 1E06, 1I05, 2A04 (0 places left)
Sponsor: Gwenagen/Narcotrend logo
Location: The ENT Room

Tutors: Dr H Vereecke and Dr D Green

During the workshop we will discuss:

  1. the use of depth of anaesthesia monitoring during TIVA with remifentanil and propofol
  2. how my use of both drugs changed following the introduction of BIS monitoring
  3. the adverse hypotensive effects of propofol especially during induction noting that this has particular relevance to the elderly population using TIVA
  4. the mechanism of propofol induced hypotension and how it can be mitigated
  5. some clinical examples where variations in propofol metabolism due to both pre-operative factors and intra-operative events are detected by the addition of depth of anaesthesia monitoring
  6. the use of depth of anaesthesia monitoring as an essential component of a multimodal monitoring strategy using TIVA in high risk patients

Workshop 5 - TIVA in Obese Patients (10:30-12:20) 1A01, 1A02, 3A13 (0 places left)
Sponsor: Medtronic logo
Location: The Training Suite

Tutors: Prof A Absalom and Dr C Nightingale

This workshop is aimed at trainee and consultant anaesthetists with some experience of TIVA, who wish to extend their practice to obese patients. The learning objectives are that by the end of the session attendees will:

  1. appreciate the general risks of Anaesthesia in obese patients
  2. understand the benefits and risks of TIVA in the obese
  3. understand the pharmacokinetic and dynamic implications of obesity
  4. understand the limitations and pitfalls of current models and infusion pumps
  5. Know how to use adjuvant drugs to optimize the speed and quality of recovery