pEEG resources

pEEG resources

(provided by Dr Mark Barley)

Websites / CPD​

EEG in anaesthesia topics​(Professor Michael Avidan​) DSA / EEG interpretation, Neurophysiology, Age​(Professor Emery Brown and team​) Avoiding too deep anaesthesia.ESA CPD course​ (Langrois D, Lampert M, Ramsay M. ) EEG​ The Basics of the Electroencephalogram[YouTube]​ Professor Jeremy Moeller​ ​

YouTube resources​

Unconsciousness Under General Anesthetic is a Dynamic State​iBiology​ (Professor Emery Brown​) The Dynamics of the Brain under Anesthesia​iBiology​ (Professor Emery Brown​) EEG in anaesthesia – Clinical decision making​(Professor Michael Avidan​) A look at the unconscious brain under anesthesia​NIH Videocast (Professor Emery Brown​) EEG - a window into the brain​ANZCA Conference​ (Professor Jamie Sleigh​)


pEEG and DSAProfessor Emery Brown. ACCRAC podcast Burst-suppression and Postoperative DeliriumProfessors Oluwaseun Akeju, Jamie Sleigh and BobbieJean Sweitzer. Anaesthesiology Featured Article Podcast Effect of NMBD on EMG and BISDr Peter Schuller. BJA Podcast Baseline Vulnerabilities May Play a Larger Role than Depth of Anesthesia or Sedation in Postoperative DeliriumCharles H. Brown, IV, M.D., M.H.S. and Pratik P. Pandharipande, M.D., M.Sc

Study-specific podcasts

BALANCED Study – preliminary​ resultsProfessor Lis Evered - TopMedTalk podcast 06/06/2019​ BALANCED Study – final results​ Professors Kate Leslie, Timothy Short. TopMedTalk podcast 22/10/2019​ Depth of Anaesthesia​Professor Kate Leslie. Top MedTalk podcast 15/06/2020​ ENGAGES Study​​Professor Monty Mythen. Desree Chappell (CRNA) - TopMedTalk Journal club 7/3/2019​

Especially Recommended Review Articles:

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*Mulvey DA, Klepsch P. Use of Processed Electroencephalography in the Clinical Setting. Current Anesthesiology Reports 2020; 10.

Further Review Articles:

García PS, Kreuzer M, Hight D, Sleigh JW. Effects of noxious stimulation on the electroencephalogram during general anaesthesia: a narrative review and approach to analgesic titration. British Journal of Anaesthesia 2021; 126: 445–57.

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Paediatric EEG​

Brandt, Steven P. BA et al. Case Studies Using the Electroencephalogram to Monitor Anesthesia - Induced Brain States in Children. Anesthesia & Analgesia: October 2020 - Volume 131 - Issue 4 - p 1043-1056 doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000004817​

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